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Manicures, pedicures, and nail overlays are only a few of the Hand and Foot treatments we have to offer. With over 15 specialties too choose from, we love our clients to get the best there is to offer. Using top of the line products we guarantee to give you beautiful nails that you will not be afraid to hide your hands anymore.

Paraffin $8

Manicure $18
(w/ hair service $15)
(w/ french add $5)

Polish Change Only $10 (w/ french add $5)
Hands on Manicure $28 (w/ french add $5)
Buff and polish $20
Re-base $28 (w/ french add $5)
Set of tips $55 (acrylic, gel, or wrap)
Nail overlay $40 (acrylic, gel, or wrap)
Nail art decals or gems $2+ per nail
Air brush $2+ per nail
Nail repair $4 per nail
Nail tip $5 per nail
Pink and white acrylic NEW $75
Pink and white acrylic FILL $34
Special occasion tips $40
Nail removal w/ manicure $30

Mini Pedicure 30 min $30
FULL Pedicure 1 Hour $40
Hands on Pedicure $65
(w/ french $5)
(cut, file, and polish ) $17
(polish change. w/ french add $5) $15

For Him
Hand and foot treatments
Manicure $15
Sports pedicure $40
(w/ hydrating paraffin)

getting nails done
*Prices Effective Jan. 01, 2008 Services Menu : Hair | Nails | Tanning | Spa

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