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Frequestly Asked Questions

Why Tan Indoors?
There are numerous advantages to utilizing a tanning salon and especially One advantage is that you can control the amount of ultraviolet light that you are exposed to. This control will help you to avoid sunburn and the resulting damage to your skin. At The Beaches your tanning session is determined by the equipment manufacturers recommendation as well as our highly trained tanning consultants. Your tanning history and skin typed is all factored into giving you the results you desire.

Convenience is another consideration. Outdoor tanning is often limited by season, location and weather. Tanning At The Beaches tanning salon offers you a dependable, comfortable and smart way to tan.

How do Tanning Beds Work?
Tanning beds are designed to mimic the sun. The sun emits three kinds of UV rays that make you tan, UV-C, UV-A and UV-B. Today's sophisticated tanning lamps filter out the UV-C rays as these short waves are harmful to your skin. UV-B, the middle length waves, begins the tanning process, by stimulating the melanocyte cells that produce melanin. Melanin will be bronzed by the longest wave length, UV-A. The UV-A oxidizes the melanin and produces the tan. Our advanced tanning lamps use the best ratio of UV-B and UV-A light to provide the greatest tanning results, with a lowered risk of overexposure.

How Fast will I Tan?
Everyone tans at a different rate. Typically beginning tanners will see results after their very first tan. However, it can take between 4-6 sessions to achieve a base tan for certain skin types. We recommend beginning tanners tan once every 48 hours until a base tan is achieved. After a base tan is achieved, 1-2 sessions per week is typically all that is required to maintain your base.

Your tan will be greatly enhanced if you use one of our quality indoor tanning accelerators and after tan moisturizers. You will tan faster, darker and keep your tan longer if your skin is conditioned properly.

What Should I Wear?
You can tan in whatever you wish. You can choose a swimsuit, underwear or you may prefer to be semi-nude or nude. You will be in a completely private room while tanning - unlike sunbathing at a beach or pool. You want to be sure to gradually expose your sensitive areas to avoid overexposure. You are only required to wear eyewear to protect your vision and potential damage to your eyes. Closing your eyes will not protect them.

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